» Lost in the Woods (2020, 51 min)
Berlin, 11.11.1989 From 1985 to 1989, Constantin Pittas, from Athens, drove across Europe behind the wheel of a rickety old Greek car. Using a Minox 35mm compact camera, he took 30,000 black-and-white photographs. His aim was – somewhat naively, perhaps – to capture the core of the people living on both sides of the Iron Curtain to create a book representing Europe without borders. His last picture was taken in Berlin, a day after the fall of its infamous Wall. He believed that the end of Europe’s division also marked the end of the project. He stashed the negatives away in a box and moved on with his life. 25 years later, in 2014 he rediscovered his Minox and the negatives. Posting some of his pictures on social media eventually elevated him to fame as one of Greece’s most important photographers. On the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain, he travels to Berlin and other capitals, reliving the journey he took as a young man, in what is now a unified Europe.

» Café-Finovo (2013, 53 min)
With patience and beauty, our understanding of mortality is altered as this film unfolds on life, laughter and Wilhelm Grimm. Set within the walls of the Alter St. Matthäus cemetery in Berlin, we meet artists, story-tellers and grave sponsors, the cultural life revolving around the lively Café-Finovo and it’s reputable cakes.
Café-Finovo is the first café in a cemetery in Germany.
German with English subtitles: www.vimeo.com/efylaktos/cafefinovo
German with Greek subtitles: www.vimeo.com/efylaktos/cafefinovogr


» 26.2 The Road to Here (2011, 55 min)
26.2 The Road to HereAt some point in every marathon route, almost every runner has to face the following dilemma: to listen to the body that screams it’s had enough, or to the inner voice urging the runner to stay the course to the finish line. Life has a lot in common with a marathon race with one significant difference: in life there is no finish line – just running. Dr. Becky Clark, 50, athlete and writer, is a licensed clinical social worker and sport psychologist in New York City. Deaf since her early teens, she successfully reconnected to the world of sound in 2008 with the aid of cochlear implants. In 2009, she ran the Athens Classic Marathon as a celebration of her healing journey from child physical/sexual trauma.
www.vimeo.com/efylaktos/theroadtohere (Please contact for password)Untitled 4

» Active Member (2010, 35 min)
Active MemberThe group Active Member was formed in 1992. B.D. Foxmoor and Sadahzinia live in Perama, near Athens, where they make their music and lyrics, in an effort to resist social decadence in a creative way. They named their hip hop “low bap”, created their own record label, 8ctagon, and started the NOsponsors movement in order to protect their integrity as much as possible. This documentary is about the story behind the group’s name. What does it mean to be active? How can one manage to be and stay active? Is it even possible nowadays? Following B.D. Foxmoor’s everyday steps, the documentary presents his opinions about life, his relation to the system and his contact with his fans.
www.vimeo.com/efylaktos/activememberUntitled 3

» The Archelon Bubble (2008, 29 min)
To the seaEvery year volunteers from all over the world join the Archelon camps in order to monitor and protect the decreasing population of the caretta-caretta sea turtle in Greece. The volunteers, regardless of age and nationality, offer their free time to perform what we cannot. They wake up early in the morning, walk the beaches at night, live in a camp with no electricity and maintain a remarkable community which is bound by their love towards the environment. Archelon is the sea turtle protection society of Greece.

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